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1.1 Best Price Glazing Services is the trading name of Aspik Ltd. These are the terms and conditions on which the Company supplies goods and services to the Customer.

1.2 This agreement is made between the Company and the Customer, named in the quotation or order confirmation and shall not be assigned by the Customer without the Company’s written agreement.


2.1 The Company will try to carry out the survey as soon as possible before the order is completed.

2.2 If it is found that additional work is necessary which is not covered by this contract, the Customer will be informed of the price of this additional work before the installation. If the Customer is not prepared to bear this additional cost then the Company reserves the right to vary the terms or to cancel the contract.

2.3 Building and base works are subject to ground conditions. These are not exposed until work commences, so these works cannot be assessed during a survey. If conditions dictate that additional works are required, the Customer will be informed of any additional costs. If the Customer cannot meet the additional costs, the Customer must pay for work to date and any reinstatement of the site.

2.4 Our first visit is free of charge. Any other visits are chargeable.


3.1 The estimated delivery period will run from the date of the order confirmation, first payment or from the date of any subsequent variation. The Company will endeavour to install the products within the period quoted to the Customer.

3.2 Occasionally the delivery may be affected by events beyond the Company’s control. The Company shall not be liable for any delay that arises from causes beyond the Company’s control including fire, flooding, civil disturbance, criminal damage, etc.

3.3 If the installation is affected by events both inside and outside the Company’s control and cannot or does not take place on the agreed date, the parties will use reasonable endeavours to agree a new installation date (in general the Company would accept six weeks as being reasonable). If the work is not completed within such extended period the Customer may cancel the uncompleted work.

3.4 The Company will contact the Customer prior to the end of the estimated delivery period to organise and agree on an installation date and timescale. If the Customer has to cancel the agreed date, the Company will allow a reasonable period to rearrange the installation. If within six weeks of the original installation date the Customer is still unable to accept installation, 75% of the order price has to be paid. The installation will follow as soon as the agreement between the Company and the Customer is settled.

3.5 If 10 working days after the notified delivery day the Customer has not taken delivery of goods, the Company may resell or otherwise dispose of the products. After deducting all additional costs, the Company arranges accounts with the Customer for any excess over the price or shortfall below the price of the goods.


4.1 The Company will not be liable for any additional work (removing/moving or disconnecting/connecting any service, fixtures or fittings) in the immediate area of installation of the goods.

4.2 The Company takes reasonable care to carry out the works without causing damage to the premises. The Customer must clear the area of installation of goods and remove anything that has monetary or sentimental value.

4.3 During the installation the Company will have to demolish and remove existing frames, glass or secondary double glazing units and all removed materials will be cleared from the premises.

4.4 The Company will try to avoid damages as much as possible. However, it can’t guarantee any damages to walls, wallpaper or paintwork surrounding the installation. Any redecoration as a result of such damage shall be a responsibility of the Customer.

4.5 The Company will not be liable for damage arising from the installation where such damage is due to defects in the building which existed prior to the installation whether such damage was detected at survey or not.


5.1 The Company alone may as a result of absolute discretion cancel all or part of this contract at any time to the installation commencing.

5.2 Either party shall have the right to make a change to the order within five working days from the date of this agreement or paid deposit by written notice. If the cancellation is made by the Customer after this period, the Customer shall be liable for all costs incurred by the Company up to the date of cancellation. In the event of termination by other parties, the Company shall refund to the Customer all sums paid by the Customer to the Company by way of deposit or otherwise. The Company shall offset the Company’s surveyor charges incurred before termination by the Customer.

5.3 If the Customer chooses to cancel the order before it has been fulfilled, the Company will charge a £125.00 survey fee penalty. Any changes made after the five days will mean that the Customer will be responsible for any costs that the Company has incurred in producing products to Customer specific requirements.

5.4 If the manufacturer advises the Company that the proposed goods and services are not feasible, due to unavailability of stock or personnel, pricing omissions, access, ground conditions or building works above and beyond the Company’s scope, the Company will provide prompt written notice to the Customer (within 14 days). If no satisfactory resolution can be agreed upon then the Company or the Customer may cancel this agreement.

5.5 The Company may at its sole discretion in relevant cases agree to the cancellation of the order by the Customer.  The payment to the Company for all expenses incurred by it prior to the date of installation. Such an agreement has to be signed by the Company and by the Customer.


6.1 Any variation of this agreement must be agreed by the Customer, the Company and confirmed in writing as soon as possible after this agreement has been signed.

6.2 The price will be affected by any material changes that the Customer requests or which are agreed following the detailed survey.

6.3 If the Company makes minor technical changes to the specification of Customer’s products, they will not be to the detriment of the products function and appearance. This will not affect the price.

6.4 The Customer acknowledges that variations could result in the postponement of the delivery date agreed by the parties.


7.1 The Company confirms the details and takes the final measurements. The inspection will be confined to those areas which directly relate to the installation. If manufacturing sizes are supplied by the Customer, those sizes will be taken as correct and any subsequent inaccuracies which result of incorrect size will result in an additional charge to the Customer.

7.2 The Company will not be responsible for remedying any defect that existed before the installation or for any damage arising from such a defect.

7.3 The Customer agrees to provide the Company with reasonable access to the Customer’s premises until the installation has been completed and the goods paid in full.


8.1 The Company shall not be liable to pay for any work carried out by any other person or company engaged by the Customer unless such engagement shall have been agreed by the Company in writing.

8.2 In the event of the Customer entering into a further agreement with the Company at a later date, the Company reserves the right to alter the specifications and this contract.

8.3 The Company will under no circumstances whatever be liable to the Customer whether in contract, tort, breach of statutory duty or otherwise, for consequential loss of any nature including loss of earnings, arising in connection with this contract.

8.4 If the Customer orders supply only, he has to confirm whether dimensions and design sent by the Company are correct. Email confirmation should be done prior to production start. The Company shall not be liable for any mistakes, changes or discrepancies afterwards.


9.1 The Company will not undertake to move fixtures, fittings or re-site services such as pipes, cables, radiators, burglar alarms, blinds, shutters etc. The Company will not undertake to refit aerial cables, telephone wires, doorbells, etc.

9.2 The Company cannot be responsible for any non-matching due to the weathering or ageing of existing finishes. The Company will not be responsible for any redecoration, re-tiling, etc.

9.3 The Company cannot guarantee that wallpapers, tiles, woodwork, plasters, cables, etc. adjacent to the existing frames will not be damaged during the installation. The Company cannot guarantee that removed frames will be intact for use elsewhere.

9.4 All existing frames or scrap materials will be removed and disposed of by the Company unless the Customer specifically asks the Company to do otherwise prior to installation start.


10.1 The Customer is contracting directly with the Company for the supply and installation of the goods and payment must be paid directly to the Company. The Company accepts cash or other forms of cleared funds.

10.2 The Customer must make an advanced payment for goods – % of the full price. The order shall be signed by the Customer to be confirmed. The Customer’s advanced payment shall be made when the Company receives the signed confirmation of the order.

10.3 Payment should be made in full with any outstanding balance prior to installation when the products are delivered to the Customer. No products shall be installed unless the full payment is made by the Customer.

10.4 Minor defects in the work shall not entitle the Customer to withhold payment. The Company requires the Customer to rely on its assurance that such minor defects will be rectified in accordance with the terms of its guarantee.

10.5 The ownership of the goods shall remain with the Company and will not pass to the Customer until final payment has been made.

10.6 If the Customer fails to pay on the due date then the Company shall be entitled to charge the Customer interest on the amount unpaid, at 5% above Nat West Bank base rate, accrued on a daily basis.

10.7 The Company will make every endeavour to install the products on the date or within the period agreed with the Customer. The Customer shall advise the Company of a suitable appointment for installation. The Customer shall provide access to enable the installation to be completed. If the appointment for access has not been provided on the due date by the Customer, then the Customer shall be liable for all extra costs and will be charged for rearrangement of the installation.

10.8 If the Customer will order supply only, then the payment should be made at full price when the order is signed by the Customer to be confirmed. Once the full payment of the order is made by the Customer, then the production of the goods will start and the Company will arrange the dispatch within the agreed period.

10.9 It is always possible some of the goods the Company sells may be incorrectly priced. The Company will normally check the prices and where the correct price is less than the Company’s stated price, the Company will charge the lower amount when dispatching the goods to the Customer. If the goods correct price is higher than the stated price, the Company will notify the Customer and wait for further instructions.

10.10 VAT is payable by the Customer at the appropriate legislative rate.


11.1 All used glass shall be of good quality. The Company does guarantee that condensation will not form between the panes of the double glazed sealed units during the period of the guarantee.

11.2 The Company undertakes to replace or repair free of charge any defective glazed unit that proves as a result of faulty materials or workmanship within a period of 1 year from the date of installation.

11.3 The framing and installation are guaranteed for 10 years from the date of installation. Glass units – 5 years. Door and window furniture – 1 year from installation. This guarantee is void where any repairs are carried out by non-qualified or company-accredited personnel. Building works carry a 12-month guarantee period.

11.4 The Customer must notify in the written notice the Company of any defects in the goods or services.

11.5 If the Company is called out to the Customer’s premises and there is no defect with the goods or services, the Company reserves the right to charge a call-out fee. The Company will provide information about those charges before the Company attends the premises.


12.1 Minor blemishes or imperfections on and in the glass which are not guaranteed by the glass manufacturers (not noticeable at a distance of 1.5 m).

12.2 Any defects in the goods or services that arise from causes beyond the Company’s control including fire, flooding, civil disturbance, criminal damage, etc.

12.3 Damage or faults due to an accident, willful damage, misuse, lack of maintenance, neglect by the Customer or by the use of improper cleaning materials. If repairs are necessary for damages resulting from neglect or misuse then these would have to be carried out at the Customer’s cost.

12.4 Alteration, reposition or repair of any product by persons other than the Company’s personnel.

12.5 Internal or external condensation caused by certain environmental conditions. The Company gives no guarantee concerning the incidence, prevention or removal of condensation following installation.

12.6 The colour fastness of proprietary guttering and down-pipes.


13.1 If the Customer sells the property, the Customer may ask the Company to reassign the unexpired portion of the guarantee to the new owner. Such requests should be made prior to the sale.

13.2 The Company may ask to inspect the installation before agreement the reassignment to ensure that it has not been neglected or misused and may charge a reassignment and inspection fee currently (03/18) £250.00 and £125.00 respectively plus VAT. If the warranty is reassigned then the new owner will have the remaining period of the warranty regarding materials and workmanship.


14.1 Written notice of any defect should be given as soon as possible to the Company.

14.2 The Customer agrees to give reasonable opportunity to remedy any defect for which the Company is liable.

15. LAW

15.1 Nothing in these terms and conditions affects the Customer’s statutory rights relating to faulty goods including any failure of the Company to carry out its obligations.


16.1 The Company Aspik Ltd is registered in England and Wales. The Company registration number is 8669862.

16.2 The Company is supplying the goods and services detailed in the schedule (website, brochure, catalogue or any other literature) which is freely available. To obtain further information please contact the Company on 0333 3111 031. If the Customer has any complaints the Company will supply the Customer with details of the complaint procedure.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]